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Graduate textbooks usually have a slightly daunting heft. So it really is friendly for a textual content meant for first-year graduate scholars to be concise, and short sufficient that on the finish of a path approximately the full textual content may have been coated. This booklet manages that feat, solely with out sacrificing any fabric insurance. the traditional issues of crew idea, vector areas, modules, earrings, box and Galois thought are lined, in addition to issues in noncommutative earrings, crew extensions, and chosen themes in abelian teams. a number of the brevity is as a result of the the truth that rather than supplying huge chunks of routines of middling hassle, Wickless (math, collage of Connecticut) has opted to supply fewer workouts of better hassle.

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If 83 — 1, we're done. Suppose that 53 = 4. Conjugation by any g g G produces a permutation on S(3), the set of Sylow 3-subgroups of G. If we number the elements of 5(3), we obtain a corresponding homomorphism c : G —> 84. The homomorphism c sends each g 6 G to the permutation induced by conjugation by g. Since G = 108 < 24 =| 84 |, the kernel of the map c will be a proper normal subgroup of G. Note that c cannot map each element g & G to the identity of 84, since any two 3-Sylow subgroups are conjugate.

Then N < Aj. (b) Let a e A4, a <£ N. Then <72 € N. Thus, the square of every element of A4 lies in N. (c) Every 3cycle is a square of an element of A4, so all 3-cycles are in N. (d) This contradicts \ N \= 6. 9 Conjugacy classes, p-groups, solvable groups Let G be a group. We define a new equivalence relation on G as follows. 1 For x, y £ G define y ~ x if y = g~^xg for some g € G. It is easy to check that the above relation is an equivalence relation. If y ~ x we say that y is a conjugate of x or that x and y are conjugate.

2 Let G be a group. A chain of subgroups < e >= Gk+i < Gk < • • • < GI < GO = G, each Gi+i normal in its predecessor Gi, 0 < i < k, is called a normal series for G. The natural number k, which is the number of proper normal subgroups, is called the length of the series. 4 are normal series for D^ of lengths 2 and 1, respectively. Note that < y > is not normal in D<±. 3 A normal series < e >= Gk+i < Gk < ••• <3 GI < GO = G such that each factor group Gt/Gi+i is simple, is a composition series for G.

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