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9 The triclinium on the opposite side of the peristyle was almost as wide, and its unbuttressed walls could only have carried a timber roof. Here, by contrast, Rabirius converted another illusion of earlier wall paintings into reality, by opening up the walls to views of what was outside. Indeed, on the side facing the peristyle, there was no wall as such, but a screen of six columns of Egyptian granite; the walls to right and left were pierced by doorways and windows through which could be seen oval niched fountains clad in marble, and beyond them the curved colonnades of the courtyards which surrounded them.

During the second century, if not earlier, it was realized that concrete made from pozzolana had the particular property that it would set hard under water, and would also be much stronger than one made from sea or river sand. This appreciation could only have been made after much trial and error, and in fad not ever) type of pit sand (harenafossicia, as Vitruvius calls it) had the high silica content to give the chemical reaction which empirical observation had discovered. The earl) stages in the development of concrete construction are irregular rubble (opus incertum) still obscure in many of their details.

17). Augustus added his own forum, surrounding the Temple ol Mars Ultor (the Avenger) which commemorated his victory over Brutus. The Forum Augustum was a great dynastic sculpture galler) of the heroes of Roman history and the ancestors of the Julii. J&JM&&&M IS. 16. the Rome: view Forum to the foreground, the : **A «j£< across Capitoline hill; in the ^e3 ^|^j of Castor. Temple ARCHITECTURE. 17. 33 Rome: plan of the Imperial Fora. was scarcely to be expected at have restored the Republic and type.

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