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By Guy Debord

Of the 3 self sustaining texts by way of man Debord integrated right here, have been first released as pamphlets, whereas the 3rd was once written in 1971 for inclusion in a projected 13th factor of the Situationist International's magazine which by no means seemed end result of the group's dissolution.

Despite the seeming variety of the topics discussed—the Watts riots in ‘The Decline and Fall of the “Spectacular” Commodity-Economy’ (1965); the disintegration of bureaucratic energy in ‘The Explosion element of Ideology in China’ (1967); pollutants and its illustration in ‘A ailing Planet’ (1971)—all 3 texts take care of the various types of the ‘spectacle’ and its repercussions. And regardless of the dates in their composition, all 3 stay startlingly proper today.

—Alice Debord, 2004

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Any rebellion against the spectacle occurs at the level of the totality, because-even if it is confined to a single neighbourhood, such as Watts-it is a human protest against an inhuman life; because it begins 33 GUY DEBORD at the level of the real single individual, and because community, from which the individual in revolt is separated, is the true social nature of man, true human nature: the positive transcendence of the spectacle. 34 The Explosion Point of Ideology in China 'Le Point d'explosion de l'ideologie en Chine' was published as a pamphlet by the Situationist International in August 1967 and reprinted in Internati Situationniste l l (Paris, October 1967).

The ruling class must, therefore, have known that it could not go on governing as before. We can be sure that the present conflict concerns the management of the economy; and that the collapse of the bureaucracy's successive economic policies is what has made this conflict so critical. The failure of the so-called Great Leap Forward (chiefly due to resistance 48 THE EXPLOSION POINT OF IDEOLOGY from the peasantry) not only put paid to the prospect of an ultra-voluntaristic surge in indus­ trial production but also, disastrously, created a chaos that lasted for several years.

21 Integration-into what? 22 THE ' SPECTACULAR ' COMMODITY-ECONOMY American blacks have their own spectacle, complete with its press, magazines and coloured film stars and, if blacks realize this, if they spew out this spectacle as phoney, as an expression of their humiliation, it is because they see it to be a minority phenomenon-nothing but an appendage of the spectacle in general. Since they perceive that this parade of their consumption-to-be­ desired is merely a colony of the wider system, they see through the lie of the overall economic­ cultural spectacle more quickly.

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