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IP' 1 over the x-sphere.

IP' 1 of the x-sphere. We shall denote also by (x, y) the point on C corresponding to a smooth point (x, y) E r 0 . Set P + q = n-l(oo), s ~> s2 (i) = (0, i), (0, - i), Show that p +q ~ 5 I'ยท~ 3p a=O (ii) (iii) respectively. , + 3q. Determine the complete linear system lr0 + r2 + r4 1. Find the divisor D on C such that D + r 1 ~ r0 + r2 + r 4 . l'(D). Describe the map given by IDI, find the equation of c/>n(C), and determine the singularities of c/>n(C). (iv) Determine the necessary and sufficient conditions that the Laurent tails f.

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