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This article provides the thoughts of upper algebra in a accomplished and sleek manner for self-study and as a foundation for a high-level undergraduate path. the writer is without doubt one of the preeminent researchers during this box and brings the reader as much as the hot frontiers of study together with never-before-published fabric. From the desk of contents: - teams: Monoids and teams - Cauchy?s Theorem - general Subgroups - Classifying teams - Finite Abelian teams - turbines and relatives - whilst Is a gaggle a bunch? (Cayley's Theorem) - Sylow Subgroups - Solvable teams - jewelry and Polynomials: An advent to earrings - The constitution thought of jewelry - the sphere of Fractions - Polynomials and Euclidean domain names - central excellent domain names - recognized effects from quantity conception - I Fields: box Extensions - Finite Fields - The Galois Correspondence - purposes of the Galois Correspondence - fixing Equations by way of Radicals - Transcendental Numbers: e and p - Skew box concept - each one bankruptcy encompasses a set of routines

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For any hk in HK where h 2 H and k 2 K , we put hi = hai 2 H and ki = ai 1 k 2 K ; then hi ki = hk for 1 i t. On the other hand if h0 2 H and k0 2 K satis es h0 k0 = hk, then h 1 h0 = k(k0) 1 2 H \ K and so equals some ai , proving h0 = hai = hi and k0 = (k 1 ai) 1 = ai 1 k = ki , as desired. Corollary 14. If H1 ; : : : ; Ht are subgroups of G with HiHj = Hj Hi for each i; j; then H1 : : :Ht G and jH1 : : : Htj divides jH1j : : : jHtj: Proof. Easy induction on t, the case t = 2 being obvious from the theorem.

There is an injection Sn Sn ! S2n ; given by ( ; ) 7! 1 1 ::: n n+1 ::: ::: n (n+1) ::: n n 2 (2 ) : Week 7. Finite Abelian groups Abelian groups have a much more manageable structure than groups in general. We shall see soon that Abelian groups are not much more complicated than cyclic groups, but rst let us illustrate their nice structure by means of some easy facts. Remark 0. For any Abelian group A and any positive number m, de ne A(m) = fa 2 A : am = eg. Then A(m) A. ) Remark 0 fails for non-Abelian groups { S3 has four elements of order dividing 2, so this set is too large to be a subgroup (by Lagrange's theorem).

2 Thus we begin to see that the direct product construction encompasses all of our examples of Abelian groups. Corollary 16. If jGj < 6 then G is Abelian, and isomorphic to one of the following groups: feg; Z; Z; Z; Z Z; Z: 2 3 4 2 2 5 Proof. Let n = jGj. If n is prime then G is cyclic and isomorphic to Zn. , n = 4 = 22 . 4(ii). But then exp(G) = 2, so G Z2 Z2 by Proposition 14. This result is typical of what we have in mind when we are classifying groups. Nevertheless we must be careful not to overlook hidden isomorphisms.

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