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By A.N. Parshin

This quantity of the Encyclopaedia includes contributions on heavily similar topics: the idea of linear algebraic teams and invariant thought. the 1st half is written through T.A. Springer, a widely known professional within the first pointed out box. He offers a complete survey, which incorporates quite a few sketched proofs and he discusses the actual positive factors of algebraic teams over exact fields (finite, neighborhood, and global). The authors of half , E.B. Vinberg and V.L. Popov, are one of the such a lot energetic researchers in invariant idea. The final twenty years were a interval of lively improvement during this box a result of impression of recent tools from algebraic geometry. The e-book may be very worthwhile as a reference and study advisor to graduate scholars and researchers in arithmetic and theoretical physics.

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To give such a map, we need to assume a further condition on O that is posessed by affine schemes: (ii) The stalks Ox of O are local rings. A ringed space (X, O) satisfying (ii) is often called a local ringed space. If (X, O) satisfies (ii), there is a natural map X → |Spec O(X)| that takes x ∈ X to the prime ideal of O(X) that is the preimage of the maximal ideal of Ox . The third condition for (X, O) to be an affine scheme is this: (iii) The map X → |Spec O(X)| is a homeomorphism. Given these considerations, we say that a pair (X, O) is affine if it satisfies (i)–(iii).

Xn ] → R expresses this as a subscheme of A nK . This scheme is, as in the case of A nK itself, just like the variety X except that we have added one new generic point pΣ for every positive-dimensional irreducible subvariety Σ ⊂ X. Fibers, and more generally preimages, are among the most common ways that schemes other than varieties may arise even in the context of classical geometry. Exercise II-2. Consider the map of the affine line Spec K[x] to itself induced by the ring homomorphism K[x] → K[x] mapping x to x2 .

Xi /Xi , . . 3 Relative Schemes 35 where the hat denotes as usual an element omitted from the list. Ai is thus isomorphic to the polynomial ring in n variables over R. Further, for i = j we have Ai [(Xj /Xi )−1 ] = Aj [(Xi /Xj )−1 ] as subsets of A; both may be described as the subalgebra of all degree 0 elements having denominator of the form Xia Xjb . If we use the identity maps as gluing maps, the compatibility conditions are obvious. If X = Spec R is an affine scheme, we will often write P nX instead of P nR , and refer to the space as projective space over X.

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