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By James S. Bowman, Jonathan P. West

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The traditional bonds of mutual respect and understanding that form through long associations among career civil servants and veteran legislative leaders are weakened when the politicians’ careers are restricted to six or eight years. This study did not contain sufficient cases (or data) to ascertain if there is a direct correlation between term limits and employee job security (short legislative careers lead to reduced job retention), but common sense would naturally lead us to that conclusion.

3] Across the 50 states, numerous officials are challenging traditional models of human resource management (HRM), with the focus of this challenge often placed on fundamentally redefining the nature of the public employee relationship with government. Although this movement toward decentralization of the HRM responsibilities associated with more centralized civil service systems to individual agency control has promised to produce significant rewards for the public sector, it can be argued that the verdict is still pending on the long-term impact.

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